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islam is not a race

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Islam and Judaism count as races in the modern West. Nice religions like Christianity or Buddhism don't. There's a lesson in here.

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The lesson is this: good things are punished, and bad things can not be criticized.

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That's fucking stupid. White people who convert to those religion are still white.

Race is race, religion is religion. Both should be a factor.

Neither is as important as world view however, because if you're liberal there's no place for you other than being impaled on a pike.

I mean it should be obvious that not all muslims/jews are complicit of white genocide, but everybody who has leftist world view/ideology are all complicit of white genocide. Nah, scratch that, perpetrating and enabling is more like it, not mere complicity.

If you see a defect imported goods, you would blame the importer, not the goods. If the goods exist somewhere in africa, it would never be a problem. Jews, Muslims, Niggers, etc exist since ancient times, but back then there's no libtard race traitors so there's no problem at all. Clearly leftists are the main problem here.

If one viking dude invited a foreign warrior to rape and pillage the viking village, his tribe would and should blame this traitor, not the enemy combatant. The enemy combatant is just doing THEIR job.

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That doesn't even make sense. What you choose to believe as your political or religious ideology does not magically change your race.

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There is so much Buddhism, in its pure form, could offer the human race. It simply espouses awareness which logically leads to your own deeply rooted belief in all things wholesome and good. It is also empowering to the individual. We need that.

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Eh, islam seems like a more violent, but less emphasis on deception than a jewish religion.

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But sand nigger is

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It is when it furthers the agenda.

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Europe is lost.

It will be under Muslim rule in 50 years and then white genocide will start happening like in Africa

I hope WWIII goes public

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I don't give them 15 years. They handed London over with no arguments, they gave their children to rape gangs and the muslims are fanning out to the villages to attack Zimbabwe style.

They'll be begging for the law and order of Islam just to get rid of the creepy feminists. No women out without a burka and a man and female genital mutilation will be taken as a good alternate and prove they aren't islamaphobes for the crazy fucking brits.

Iran 2.0

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Their IQ is about to RAPIDLY drop. I mean, in 30 years, the entire demographics will change. They will have serious issues running their current factories; and there will be nobody competent to build new nuclear power stations or innovate.

It will be left to Poland, Russia, China, and Iran to hold the fort down.

I could see investing in Southern China and Russia as very profitable, as "White Flight" drives them out of France, Germany and the UK.

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Their IQ is about to RAPIDLY drop. I mean, in 30 years, the entire demographics will change. They will have serious issues running their current factories; and there will be nobody competent to build new nuclear power stations or innovate.

That's how the new Dark Age descends on the West, not with a bang but with a whimper.

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50 years, you're optimistic.

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I think if we cna do it in 1 year, we'd have saved europe.

European Islam gg fesminists and amrxists and ...I mean nice acrobatics falling from the buildings.

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This is WWIII dude, it's just being fought differently. UK is pretty much conquered.

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i know, but i want it announced and public

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This is why George Washington told Englandistan to fuck off 250 years ago.

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Unted Kingdom


Not to mention horrendous grammar and missing commas all over the place.

It's almost as bad as the one they gave Brittany Pettibone.

Edit: Just noticed they didn't fill in the "COH ID" at the top. Presumably that's the case number. Hilarious incompetence. Is this even a valid document without it?

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Both the grammar and logic are terrible. "you're viewed as right wing, so no" Question is, was this a real Brit making this decision, or one of the invaders they let into their government?

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Well it's in pidgin not English so...

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"The contents of this notice have been explained to you in English/"

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Again, this is just the start. Banning entry is the start. For some people, already if they have a warrant from say, Germany, they can be arrested, detained and then deported to that country to rot in a cell with zero contact to the outside world, even their lawyer. This will become the norm. I noticed Kelly pushing for this kind of thing in her Putin interview. There will be a web, an international web for this kind of thing. That's even better than universal restrictions on freedom of speech. You see, with an international web on 'hate speech' like this and constantly changing and/or different laws in different countries, you can practically arrest anyone for anything you want. It's worse than what China has now. It's being built right now across the entire West.

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So are bombs.

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The answer is to shoot any faggot who tries to arrest you for bullshit "hate speech" laws straight in the face.

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It's a printed form letter and they can't even spell United Kingdom properly? Doubly disturbing.

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Do you suspect fake?

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Nope, this sort of shit happens all the fucking time in bureaucratic nightmares.

Source: I'm at NASA.

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Hard to say these days, but you would think an official government document would have spell-check done.

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Typed out by a nigger diversity hire.

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First Racist was just people that didn't believe in equal opportunity for those outside their race. Then it was anyone who didn't believe everyone was equal. Then it was anyone who didn't believe in government enforced "equality" in all ways for everyone around the world. Now it's anyone who criticizes a chosen religion, nationality, culture, body size or race. They just keep changing the words 1984 style to fit their narrative, thus rendering them meaningless. As that happens, their accusations become powerless, then they come down with the hammer. We're seeing the Nanny state grin and bare her teeth. The wolf is taking off her gown and night cap.

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Does this honestly surprise you? We should embargo the UK and let it rot.

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No we fucking shouldn't. We can't give up on white, European society. It is already represents a small portion of the world. If we give up on it, it WILL be lost forever.

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Yeah, remember how ISIS blew up all those buddhist statues and all those ancient artifacts from Persia and wherever? That's all I can think about when people say to abandon Europe. The Parthenon is there, the Coliseum, all the cathedrals and churches that are there, the Dutch windmills, the Duomo in Florence, man, all the stuff we would lose if we let those pillagers take it. It's not acceptable to let them have it.

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No we fucking shouldn't. We can't give up on white, European society. It is already represents a small portion of the world. If we give up on it, it WILL be lost forever.

When the light finally goes out, it will never be rekindled. Something else will emerge from the slime, but it won't be the West. It won't be Christendom. It won't be Camelot.

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We can't give up on white, European society.

We can. Theyve killed millions upon millions of their best men in WW2, only weak defeatist cucks and unfuckable feminists survived. Their genetic material is worthless now.

To spend effort to save something it must be WORTH saving to justify your effort. Europe in its todays state is NOT worth saving.

it WILL be lost forever.

Who are you to fight evolution by natural selection? Just let them go. If theyre not able to survive on their own, they shouldnt be existing.

They aren threatened by some super volcano or earthquake or some other unpredicatlby sudden natural disaster. Like human sloths, theyre threatened by their own weakness and unwillingness to live and survive. Theyre dying at glacial speeds. As soon as you save a weak creature like that, youll be infected by their weakness and die too. Judging by your obsession to "help" unworthy creatures and fight nature instead of letting it run its course, youre likely infected already.

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  1. They already gave up on it. They welcome their own genocide. No one will ever fight back.

  2. No one outside of Europe will ever fight back, either. You’re totally retarded.

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