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Yes, one old Muslim near the seen of that died of a heart attack. And that death is then laughably pinned on the driver.

Seriously. Wake the fuck up.

Read about Ireland 2040. You are next.


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2040? Us being next is already well underway, and due to our very small population it won't take long for us. Our first immigrant arrived in 2004, we will be an ethnic minority (MINORITY) by 2050. Breaks my fucking heart, EU is cucked, we can all see realligning with Britain is pointless from the story above. A paradigm shift is all that can save us, I have zero faith in my countrymen, so needs to come from afar. That's why I support you lads thousands of miles away, you give me a shred of hope.


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Breaks my fucking heart,

You had the IRA in order to fight for the liberty and independence of Ireland. And yet you let the Globalists take your nation away from you.

You need to organize. All politics is local. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.