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No, not your immediate problem, but 1) you should feel empathy for them 2) watch closely and learn, for the forces that are destroying Europe are also targeting the US & a distant ..3) It would otherwise be a cool vacation spot.


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Empathy??? Fuck that! They did it to themselves and they're now reaping the rewards of being a cuck serving PC society. Watch closely and learn? They had over 200 years to watch us and learn but being British they're smug and looked down on us and our gun totting, pickup driving, Bible thumping ways are just sipped teas and said "we'll never be like those boorish Americans." They dug the hole and now they can get themselves out!


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Look at you talking like you don't have a country filling up with Blacks and Hispanics while the Jews occupy all of your most powerful positions. Short-sighted much? This is a global problem.


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Yes, many there have lost there way, but they are being led to slaughter, which is wrong. Once, it was a proud empire. The US is not immune to that fate. Many in the US are part English; I think even more, are part German. Do I need remind you of those years preceding Trump? ..that almost more people care about non-citizens than citizens? (I do live near a US capital of cuck.) There is a stereotype of British being smug, but I am not so sure that applies to the common Brit. Most everyone who look downs upon gun toting and pickup driving has never had the fun of being on a shooting range, known the convenience of a huge bed that can haul most anything, or a the freedom of driving a vehicle that simply does not need a road (well, the last is more for 4 wheelers). .. Not to mention the fun of shooting from inside your truck... People who lead deprived lives like that are likely to fall into depravity.

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What is sad is that the people who will be hurt the most by these policies are the children who are currently being indoctrinated by the PC society they were born into. Imagine how fucked up your brain would be if these policies existed your entire life and no one was allowed to question them (out of fear of going to prison). Imagine how incomprehensible and scary real freedom would seem to someone who had to self censor their entire life.


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We have broken our backs keeping our guns from being taken, so that we don't end up like them. They marched down to their nearest police station and turned them in the moment they were ordered to. This is their fault. It's sad to say, but they did this 100 percent willingly.


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My children won’t be skipping over he pond to help them. So fuck emX there time to fight is here up to them.

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It is not merely a conservative lifestyle, it is a sense of tradition that helps us remember who we are. However, we can not be complacent.