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What we ought to do is reduce felony conviction rate for people who don't commit violent crime. You get out, you've never been a real criminal before but you have all these new friends because you spend 16 hours a day playing cards with them for 20 months and they say they have work for you when no one else will give you anything. Now your situation is clutch and jail taught you that agression is a solution to problems.

Once you get labeled a criminal you are a criminal for life.

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This is how you reduce crime:

1) Keeping low IQ breeds away from your nation

2) Banning communist ideology/political parties

The second point is important, because China and Eastern Europe are shit because of communist ideology despite having high average IQ.

Btw countries that successfully follows these 2 creeds will have lower crime rate, such as pre-diversity homogenous nordic nations and developed Asian nations such as Japan/South Korea/Singapore.

Of course there are many other factors too but these 2 are important.


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And what is the easiest solution?