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I don't know if it's on this new account.. but my idea is to put old oil tankers in the most remote section of the ocean.. the them together or weld them what ever.. drop the worst of the worst there... have cameras everywhere.. drop food in and dirt once a month or something.. sell the rights to video at a preimium... make sure they don't sink.. One boat should have desalination of some type, then keep adding boats as needed.. if they make new floating Australia cool if the entire thing sinks cool start over again.. give them welders etc.. all of them will be implanted with something that kills them if they get x distance from the center of the boat.. also ya the felony thing is debatable.


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My idea is to have a half mile stretch of land surrounded by 2 walls at the border. Put all the criminals between the walls - provide some seeds, farming equipment, etc. Give them an incentive to catch border jumpers.