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No one ever called Jews globalists until they said it was antisemitic. This backfired on them because they admitted that they're guilty of being globalists. Since they admitted it, and we didn't say it, it means we can now openly name the Jew. THANKS JEWS!


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Globalists did 9/11


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There were no planes

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It doesn't have the same ring to it.


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Yeah nah


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This calls back to the notion that with these types of people, intent alone is the ultimate indicator of right and wrong.

Anon was right, they really are that stupid.


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It's perfect. I'm trying to think of the other angle, though- typically the jew never makes a mistake like this. Could this "globalist = jew" revelation be loaded with something nefarious? Or was it simple overconfidence in the ol' "anti-semitism, works every time" pattern?


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I can think of one possibility. Long-term damage control. Prevent your deeds from sticking to your name in the future by forcing people to use alternative phrasing which loses it's association with you over time.

For example, take the historical event of the cleansing of the temple. Described in old texts as Christ getting so frustrated with the "money changers" that he whipped them until they GTFO.

Not "the jews", but the "money-changers".

And today we have Christians widely supporting Israel. I simplify, but you get my point. This seems happens a lot.

Same with "the bolsheviks", "the bourgeois", "the slave-traders", "the french aristocracy"

Shape-shifting is one hell of a survival technique.


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They will use this definition to censor everyone who calls out globalism, eg: Alex Jones.


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It's Jewish history 101 for them to inevitably implode and get the ban hammer. This is just the cornered snake lashing out.


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I was explaining the plans for world government by the globalists before and I had someone tell me globalism is a code word for something. He never said what it was a code word for. I had to look it up and it was some BS article saying it's a neo-nazi codeword for jews. It's being used so people won't look into globalism and see how real it is. "Oh globalist is a racist word? I'm not going to look into that!". It's a type of mind control. A self censored firewall on the brain to stop people from looking into it. Then they call people who do look into globalism racists and nazis and get them all hating against the people that are showing them the truth.

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I'd clean her windows.


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Ann Coulter is a controlled opposition who's pussy got drilled by every single race on earth. She's not doing what she preach.

Do not get tricked.

There are hundreds of conservative white men more qualified than her. She needs to go back to the kitchen and rear white children.


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Coulter is an obvious transgender