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Then a flood of Democrats blood flowing in the street will be a sure thing.

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There will be a lot of cops with missing backs of heads.

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would anybody even notice?

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You do NOT want Australian style gun control. This country does not allow its citizens to own firearms for self defense. If you harm an intruder in your house the state will try to prosecute you. Not only that, but they or their family can come for you in civil court.

Any wonder there is a crime wave occurring, compounded by the mass importation of 3rd world criminal trash. We have the ridiculous situation where these thugs can assault police without any serious repercussions.

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It's also illegal in Australia to have a taser or pepper spray. A nation of victims in waiting.

These rules only hurt law abiding citizens.

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It's not gun control, it's gun confiscation.

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And it's not even about guns, it's about citizen control (all it's ever about).

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It's as difficult as all fuck to own a gun in Australia, apart from the farmers allowed to have them to cull kangaroos and hares. Hardly anyone else bothers to go through the crap required to get a license.

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Yes there are alot of hoops to jump through. But, that doesnt mean law abiding people cant get one.

Crims can get them easier on the sly. ** Australians may be more at risk from gun crime than ever before with the country’s underground market for firearms ballooning in the past decade.**


"The number of guns stolen in Australia is in the order of about 1,800 to 2,000 each year," he said.


For honest gun ownership. In NSW 2015 alone, new gun licences have jumped 20 percent, presently there 217,725 firearm licence holders in the state and over 850,000 registered guns.


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Australia doesn't have a population of feral niggers that's been nursing a grudge for 200+ years.

Also, Nogs get EVERYTHING. They get benefits out the ass, preferential admission to universities and preferential hiring. What the fuck are they mad about? If they can't make it with this kind of boost they're not people and we should send them back to live in one of those big national parks in Africa.

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they wont be happy untill they literally live in wakanda...so never

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Wakanda is an alien high tech nursery. All the vibrabium does is offset their natural tendency towards self destruction and wrecking everything they touch, and even then it's a close thing.

If that meteor had landed in a white society, those people would be a space faring interstellar culture within the same timeframe.

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Guarantee you not a single aboriginal will remember wakanda. Even if they went and saw the movie they're always watching through a drunken haze.

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Australia is an island, it's not the same. Still, not even in Australia it works.

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Australia is a cess pool of corrupt politicians, and people descended from criminals and degenerates who fucked up so bad they had to go to Australia. They are only functioning because of the influx of billions of dollars of people fleeing China, and other shithole countries, as well as happening to be a fucking enormous country (relative to population) with abundant natural resources, tourism and agriculture.

I mean there are plenty of Australian blokes who are really great and deserve what they have. But this is the shit I'm talking about: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-i-replicated-an-86-million-project-in-57-lines-of-code-277031330ee9

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Almost as good as the "myki" system the spent a few billion on and didn't even work

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If you think the influx of Chinese is helping Australia you're a fucking moron, or a fucking chink.

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Wouldn't that be illegal to do that? unconstitutional or something....

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So? That doesn't stop liberals.

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