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I'd be more impressed if it read Isreal denuclearizing

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Ugh, what do you think you are witnessing?

Look at the big picture, for fuck sake!

NK is a puppet of the deep state which is an adjunct of the Jew globalist elite a.k.a the Builderberg Group.

We are likely witnessing the destruction of the "7th floor" and a major victory against the globalist Jews.

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Is NK a puppet of the deep state or is it one of the few hold-outs left unwilling to allow a Rothschild central bank? If they have no nuclear weapons with which they can play the game of Mutually Assured Destruction, what keeps the rest of the world from forcing their will upon NK and forcing central banks upon the NK? This is probably the first time I've heard someone say NK is a jew puppet.

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God damn that's a blackpill. It's ok to celebrate a victory man, fuck. He didn't win everything with one fell swoop but holy shit its an accomplishment

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It is so awesome that that meeting came up real fast after Trump joked: Dealing with a madman is his problem, not mine.

The only one better was when he tweeted about being friends and "never would call him fat", right when those Q posts were showing pictures from air force one flying directly over NK.

Can't wait to see this meeting. You know he will work in saying rocketman somehow.

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It's to early to celebrate. I read N Korea was asking to have their regime's hold on power guaranteed? Does anyone know if that is true?

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I'm still celebrating that Obama can't nigger this up and that Hillary's political career is over.

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Trump calling himself a madman and equating himself with Un was brilliant. Niggerboi didn't understand how to be goodcrazy

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Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/971915531346436096

So many bitter liberal comments!

Palmer Report - Oh bullshit. You're both Russian puppets. You and Kim Jong Un can have your little meeting in a prison cell!

Luis Gonzalez - He can't even solve his own hair.

Luis Gonzalez - Trump hates Latinos. Why are most of ICE's prisoners Latinos?

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I know Kim Jung Fat will make the same offer his father did to Bill (the gullible) Clinton. That is, they'll promise to not develop nukes if the US gives them mega tone of wheat to keep the people from starving. The US kept their promise but obviously NK didn't.

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You don't know what Kim will do.

You are expressing your imaginings as facts.

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Correct - it turns out that devastating sanctions were the answer!

Also, cry harder faggot.