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No dual citizenship politicians.


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If we stopped letting women vote, we’d never have to worry about another civil war


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There is a strong connection of powerlessness and conflict involved in women voting. In a family the man votes and the woman then goes and votes against him, making them both powerless to accomplish anything and in conflict with each other. The right way is for a man to vote as a representative of his family. Perhaps we should not let those without children vote either.


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Vote by mail is one avenue to achieve this without the backlash. Ballots come in the mail, so if you are the one who checks the mail you could take your whole families votes, and do them however you want. Since your house is the voting booth you can wield maximum influence over your family as they vote.

Its not the same as taking their vote, but its a soft workaround that is actually viable and can be put into practice immedietely in states with this voting system.


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Only free white males may vote.

Non-whites are non-citizens.


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Only free white males may vote.

I think there has to be a bit more to it, like property owning or something.

Remove non-whites, problem solved.


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That is true


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Legalize marijuana.


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Remove FISA and all other secret courts. Remove NSA, and most of FBI/CIA/ETC, consolidate what's left over. Stop getting into stupid wars for no fucking reason, bring home the military, stop spending money on stupid pet projects that never go anywhere and just waste billions.

Build the wall, man guard towers on it with military/vets, have regular roaming inspections by geologists(or whoever does this) to check for tunnels and whatnot. Keep a 100 yard kill zone.

Make another wall on the north.

Start un-fucking the patent/copywrite systems. Start un-fucking whatever it is that allows mega-corps to not pay taxes, not hire Americans, and generally own the government. Break up monopolies, I'm looking at you telcos.

Open constitutional carry everywhere.

Reverse immigration by 5-10 million a year until all illegals are gone. Tariffs and better trade deals.

Re-vamp the social safety net, preferably with something we can test and check to ensure it is actually working as intended.

Term limits please.

Un-fuck the medical system. Whatever it's doing ain't fucking working. And no, we can't have universal health care because far too many people are fat lazy fucks.

Speaking of: some national program to punish fatties until they get to a healthy weight.


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All intelligence agencies should be recycled every 10 or 20 years. Agree that foreign aide should be made extremely difficult or constitutionally illegal, it is a tool of usurped governments.


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Woman don't get to vote or work as they get in the way of raising a family.

Absolutely no dual citizenship as it splits your loyalty.

Gun ownership and training are mandatory.

Free speech is unconditional.

Tariffs at the border to protect local industries on price so quality becomes the deciding factor on purchases.

Abolition of permanent welfare except for the disabled. It should be limited to no more than half a year per person.

No difference in the minimum wages between children and adults to encourage employers to hire adults and kids to stay in school.

A single nation wide wholesale fiber network to replace all the copper, cable, etc. that only sells to ISPs at cost which then compete with one another at a national level so prices and services for all telecommunications are equal nationwide.

All drugs are legal for adults and weed for 16+. I don't like the idea of kids smoking dope but they'll find a way of getting fucked up one way or another so being the least evil of all the drugs it would be a method of harm reduction. If anyone got caught supplying other drugs to kids the punishment would be drug free amputation of their dominant hand and if it happened again they'd be publicly hung as a traitor to the community.

Race mixing would be a crime or at the very least go back to the extremely shameful act it was considered 50 years ago.

Jews get expelled/thrown into ovens.


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Feel free to critique mine but I'm going to crituque yours.

On Tariffs quality is a deciding factor currently, Quality/price. If you remove external goods then it is still Quality/price so you aren't shifting the calculation to one that weights one factor more than the other vs where it is currently. All you are doing is reducing the options to maximize Quality/price and that will if anything reduce quality and economy. Look at Europe. They are protectionist as fuck. Quality goods in Europe are more a meme than a reality. That's why they value quality goods so much. They are rare to come by. We get high quality on the cheep. Walmart won a wine contest with a $5 bottle of wine that crushed others' $50 wines. Why? We believe in doing everything to make everything available as cheap as possible for every element of the production process. No VAT tax between businesses, no import fees. Every component is aquired so cheaply it gives you room to then focus on quality. Quality goods are made in the US but they are high quality and affordable because the resources come on the cheap (us made electronics). Increasing prices and enforcing quality as you imagine would happen makes things very hard on the poor and the cost of living goes up.

Abolition of permanent welfare: I agree. Have you thought about sterilization?

No difference in minimum wage: Do you think it might be a positive for kids to work. I honestly think it is.

The entire point of price competition is not just to bring prices down. It's to encourage companies to develop captial that produces the greatest amount of a first order good at the lowest captial and variable costs. That's what companies actually compete at. Just having ISPs as a reseller is a waste and they won't engage in any R&D or set up radio networks over rural areas your fiber network is going to miss.

You are going to hang a lot of kids. Also dismembering young people so early in their life based on a decision when they are a teen is economically stupid. One able bodied man can move mountains. A man with one hand is a dependent.

Race mixing: How do you define race? How many races are there? Are Italians a different race than French? Is it a specific genetic proximity on a dna test?

Jews get thrown into ovens: Yeah, that's kind of how we have a murderous cult comming after us today. Why not get rid of copyright law and fractional reserve banking and government subsidized pharma to starve them off?


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Tariffs also protect local jobs because if everything else is the same we'd rather help a neighbor over a foreigner. I do believe that within the nation's borders taxes of all kinds should be reduced but when another country essentially has slave labor compared to what you've got at home you simply can't compete with their exports without taxing the shit out of them.

Sterilization should obviously be a thing with people of welfare more than a handful of times because if they can't take care of themselves how the hell are they going to take care of anyone else?

Family businesses will always hire their own instead of someone else and if you're not lucky enough to be born into that situation your best option is education. I don't discount the need for children to do some work but when you can hire a kid for half the price of an adult you're condemning a lot of minimum wage adults to the welfare line.

R&D in the telecommunications industry would happen under my plan anyway because people are whingers and companies are always looking for fat government contracts. Every now and then there would be a legit reason to build a cell tower and then later upgrade it when new technology comes along which would see the inventor get paid which in a way lowers the cost of R&D as you only have the pay the winner and not everyone else.

There might be a few one handed kids but very few would get hung. It'd be like that old leg breaking spinning thing they took away from parks. One kid would always take things too far and serve as the lesson for everyone else but it's only effective if the punishment is visible to the public. If it doesn't work like that well then eventually you end up purging all the drug pushers anyway.

There's tests that show how divergent species are from one another which should absolutely be used to prevent race mixing. I would say though that until such testing is cheap and the results nearly instantly available the best practice would be to stick to those born within your nation's borders that have similar traits to yourself which going by your example would definitely make the Italians and French different races that need to stick to their own.

You can't starve the jews when they've got the samson protocol. They need to be killed on site or expelled to Israel en masse so that we can glass them once they're there. We need a final solution to their problem so history doesn't repeat itself.

Also copyright laws are great but massively abused. They should be limited and not done away with unlike fractional reserve banking which is absolutely cancerous to society and the world as a whole. I agree with you about not subsidizing big pharma though, they're second only the banking jews.


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I'm actually interested in banning Marxist speech and Marxist subversion. Just look at all the evil they accomplished under the protection of free speech.


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If you start banning books others will come along and ban yours eventually. We should teach why marxism and all other forms of communism are wrong early in high school so it's not even considered an option in adulthood.


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you cant ban ideas. not even the actually bad ones. banning doesnt solve. explain to them while young why the ideas are bad.


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Change the 13th amendment to stop enslaving our people.


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  • Full repeal of all infringing gun legislation
  • Ban foreign home buyers to stabalize housing market
  • Cancel all foreign aid
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