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Is it possible to grasp this shit without being a paranoid schizophrenic?

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yep, but you need a high IQ

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There are many quotes about the closeness between madness and genius.

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It's actually pretty easy to grasp.

Info goes out to the Mainstream media. Info is legit. MSM takes a day or two to gather more info and make it into a complete story. Then the MSM releases the story a day or two after the info was released.

But when it comes to Q - After the info first goes out to the MSM, and while the MSM is prepping and further researching the story, Q says something on the topic before the completed stories and articles are released by the MSM.

Then people shit themselves because they think Q is psychic, or an insider, because Q talked about it before the MSM did. Even though Q didn't have any info that the MSM didn't already have.

That's the bulk of it. There's also Q being cryptic and talking in military code (or imitating it). But that's pretty much all there is.

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lol pathetic

are you Dave Whemple from the Washington Compost??

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gimme a quick rundown...

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work backward over the last 3 days and hit the links to 8chan... lot's of chaff to sift through there, but NK peace and the CIA loss of control is spelled out. Snowden scooped up ( it appears ) and good chance we see the Hillary 'video' in short order.


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lots of chaff to sift through there

As a non-member, this "Q" business appears to be an interesting phenomenon, but not all that appealing. What am I missing?

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Free speech does not apply in a private co setting.

The risk?

Loss of revenue.

Backstopped by the circus.


Social media control is everything.

The age of the MSM is over.


Shh, keep it to yourself.

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I'm no gosip

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https://qanonposts.com is another alternative I use.

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But, does he name the jew?

Everything going on today can be explained if you understand Jews.

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Then why reply faggot?

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You name the Jew. You name the fag-LARP'er.

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ok, 4 day fag