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This shit is out of control.

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Idiots having kids don't know how to talk to their offspring, anymore. My daughter pulled the, "I can call CPS" card on me, recently—99% sure it was due to public school brainwashing; she's since been moved to a private school— I told her: "fine, but they're not going to get here for a few days, and until then, I'll spank you, take everything away from you that you love, and show you how horrible of a life it is to live with people that don't care about you. I punish you to make you a better person, but if you can't see that, then have fun with your new family. They'll do whatever you want: and you'll grow up to have a shitty life. And you'll never see us, your real parents, ever again."

She shut up about that shit, real quick.

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Too many people are isolated. Their kids are the closest thing they have to friends and they don't want to jeopardize that 'friendship' by disciplining them. Thus they turn out to be insufferable assholes. Our society lacks a proper sense of community and togetherness and these are the results.

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I like your parenting approach.

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I though Obama's faggot bathrooms were bad. Imagine if Hillary would have won!

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They're coming for our guns now too..

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There’s only one option. We have to shoot them all

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Great, let them come. We need to clean up the gene pool.

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Protect transgender children

Yep. That's what we're doing by allowing sane parents to make medical decisions for their children.

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That's a level of abuse never seen in human history, ENFORCED BY THE FUCKING STATE.

All for the sack of this religion piece of shit of political correctness.

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Thousands of years of warnings not to trust the Jews.

US founded


What could go wrong? They look huwhite to me!

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Not old enough for a tattoo, but old enough to get boobs.

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At 17, you are too fucking stupid to be making these kinds of decisions. I wholly support shooting or otherwise dealing with adult transgender faggots, but children get a pass. Indoctrination is a bitch and half the time it's the parents' doing, so hard to blame them.

This judge, though, either needs the Jewish cock slapped out of his/her mouth, or gassed with the rest of the kikes.

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Messing around with hormones is not a great idea, especially when a kid is still growing and developing. In 20 years there will be a "shocking" study that finds how all of this contributed to cancers, mood swings, suicidality etc. I believe there are some people who really do feel they were born in the wrong body. If they want to transition as an employed adult who can afford to, who am I to stop them? I had a professor who transitioned when I was in college. This was someone in the sciences who ran a really great lab. Dude's always been a little weird, but he's basically also earned it by being a genius.

The trans thing is becoming a weird fad for tweens. They see people like Jazz whatsit and Caitlyn Jenner winning awards and being lauded. They want to do this for attention, in the same way they want unicorn hair for attention. Except it's permanent. Parents are right to put the brakes on. This is mental, we've gone nuts as a culture.

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the NWO LOVES the idea of giving HRT and blockers to kids....its sterilizes them, forever....depopulation is very important to them..

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