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Why would anyone not want America getting a fair deal on trade?

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Why would anyone not want America getting a fair deal on trade?

What gets me is why do people want their president to be their "friend" or "cool?"

"Ohhhh, I wanna see my Prez play the sax on Arsenio! Ohhhhh, I wanna see my Prez hanging out on Oahu!"

I want my president to do whatever it takes to make my life, in my country, run smoothly and safely. I want my president to put my country first and foremost, above all others. I want my president to lead.

I don't care if he's an asshole or too "gruff" for people.

Now, I'm not saying Trump's not cool or an asshole. What I am saying is I like the way he thinks at times. Like a businessman, doing whatever it takes to put his company first.

I do not agree with everything he says or does, but I do think he's trying to lead the US forward.

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Exactly, that's what pissed me off about Obama, he was like the "Cool Dad" trying to be America's friend rather than an actual Leader, it was fucking pathetic.

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The left and right both have friends that make a lot of money from America and American workers losing. The left calls anyone who opposes it a bigot and the right calls anyone who opposes it a communist

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Friend I am totally with you, I think the same. I do believe these times are good for waking up the stagnant.

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They're spinning this as a bad thing in Canada. "We have a right to take advantage of Americans! Why is our dollard so weak?"

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Because its bullshit oligopolistic propaganda. If you do really want to win a trade war, then you need to deregulate the economy and cut taxes, and promote internal growth. That way you generate the goods and services that you would have otherwise bought with a surcharge from some other country. And these services would be provided by American workers with the American quality of production. Tariffs would change the production from the foreign company to the American company at the expense of American consumers. If we deregulate and cut taxes, we are promoting an environment for American businesses to compete against each other and reduce the effective price for the consumer. Let's not cut our noses to spite our faces.

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Parkland is the closest we've come to exposing the real FBI. Even more so then in Vegas. Why in fact Parkland was a false flag and i know from the /pol/ anon who warned about the Sutherland Springs shooting. The FBI is a terrorist organization and the mortal enemy of the American people. All this killing is done by the police and FBI. Fuck the government. Fuck the FBI. Fuck the police.

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Agreed. They are a bunch of fucking Bolsheviks.

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I'm new to voat, and I've got to say, I'm already liking this place.

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And what's that got to do with a trade wars situation?

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Tariffs will help the general American worker, but it will hurt the billionaire investor class because they have fought for decades to improve their portfolios by always moving manufacturing and labor to the cheapest places they could.

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Americans are applauding Trump for his trade negotiations the ones attacking Trump are the deep state,media, immigrants, and morons none of which are Real Americans.

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The market is having a seizure, but I commend him for these actions because he is perfectly right.

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The FBI has never been for America. The FBI is trying to raw deal and raw dog and rape America and this is closer proof that the FBI planned to hit Parkland and recruit, use, or exploit Nicolas. Even the police partake in the FBI's little mass shootings.

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You know, i think Parkland, and the suicide guy at the white house was a way to get this summit, some one wants guns and games banned, and control over speech on google and youtube. Investigate the FBI, Parkland, the Broward police.

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How can we win a war if our potential enemies manufacture, repair and harvest all the natural resources needed for the machinery of war? The American service economy would only be able to offer blow jobs to the enemy combatants in the Globalist vision of the New World Order.

Wether we like it or not, America has to get back to work and producing their own materials for self defense. This going to be hard and is going to have some ups and downs. Is it going to be worth it, Continued Global domination says YES!

If you accept it or not, America is a world Empire. Do you want to pass it on to the Globalists? Or let it die and China rise? Or spit out our collective tide pods and get back to ruling the world! Kick out the (((Globalists))) from office and take back your country.

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