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CNN however predicts another win for Hillary as their polls show a 99.7% chance of success.

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i would love nothing more than to sit down with popcorn every week, and watch Trump just flame throw Oprah in front of the world. "Obese Oprah" or "The Hungry Hypo" lmao i can see it now.

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Imagine the debates. Chimp vs Zookeeper. Trump holding the keys and Oprah holding her own shit in her hand.

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Once Democrat primaries kick in and Swing states see the purple hair, 300lb transgender muslim that the Democrats put up there. They will lose by an even larger margin.

The Democrats don't realize how out of touch they come off as when they pander to SJWs. I genuinely believe that Nancy Pelosi doesn't give two shits about social marxism but she's forced to.

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I like it better when they say he is losing. They are trying to motivate their base with this.

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God sent Father Trump to save America!!!

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I have no doubt he will win a second term. I was puckered in 2016 but in 2020 I have no worries.

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This subreddit is reaching /r/The_Donald levels of retardation. Trump is not here to save us and the mindless rat race of "HURR WE'RE SLAUGHTERING THE DEMS" will not save us as the Republicans are just as (((bad))). Trump worship was silly back when we didn't know what he was going to do, now that we have an idea it's just flat out fucking idiotic.

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We have to keep up the fight, non-stop. The desperation of the cornered demorats will make things interesting.

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