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The bag was apparently so heavy it took two officers to carry it.

A third officer can be seen lowering the tailgate on what looks like a White Late Model Ford 4 Door (crew cab) pickup truck with a 6 foot bed; again, apparently because the other two officers (carrying the bag) could not just simply lift the heavy bag over the side and throw it in the back bed of the truck.

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Nothing about this indicates it was too heavy to carry. It was long and they shared the load because the one officer was also already carrying a bag. It's just as easily a body bag.

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They didn't remove dead bodies from the floor until around 24 hours or so after they died.

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Looks like a body about the size and weight of your average high school student...

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What was in the bags and what did they throw out of the cab?

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Comp'd sushi for the holocaust class. So much that it took two "police offers" to carry it all.

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McDonald’s? Dunkin’ Donuts these are cops were talking about.

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I looks remarkably like a weapons bag-

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Left over costumes from the no-show crisis actors?

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Still need someone to get into that building and film everything, they're moving fast to raise it and bury all the evidence under rubble ala Sandy Hook.

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OK 卐

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It was obviously very heavy. They were laboring under the weight.

Are we to think Nicolas Cruz put on all that gear we heard about in under two minutes and started shooting? And that would be the gear he was wearing? Because NO.

What else would they have been taking out of there so fast before forensics got there to document everything?

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looks like a swat guy carrying a breaching kit to me it’s probably got like a steel battering ram and pry bars also most police officers aren’t required to pass physical fitness requirements after the academy I’m gonna go with these guys are lazy and don’t wanna carry the kit bag back to there Obama approved MWRAP we carried them on a modified rucksack frame makes sense to me if you possibly have a shooter barricaded in a building you’d take breaching equipment but I mean I guess it could be something more sinister. Found one that looks kinda similar when all closed up https://www.lapolicegear.com/511-50268-heavy-breaching-kit.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0fuNrPzd2QIVFrXACh1XYwbREAAYASAAEgI2W_D_BwE