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It is satisfying to know that he was hanged for this.

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'the good old days'

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Yeah they were also heavily supported by the Jewish mobster Moe Dalitz, the sole purpose of the ADL was PR for Jewish criminals from it's onset. Did a damn fine job too, between them and the Jewish mob blackmailing J. Edgar Hoover......... Motherfuckers straight owned a bunch of shit, and pointed the finger at the Italians.

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BTW, when the media talks about the (((Russian Mafia))) guess who they are really talking about?

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Kikes really hate that - it shows their true nature through and through.

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Great take on the ADL by a based talking cat.

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fucking fantastic

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This was great thank you!

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"Today, the consensus of researchers on the subject holds that Frank was wrongly convicted." JIDF editors on wikipedia

Those "researchers" failed to note that every appeal since then has affirmed the murder conviction.

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"The following twenty-one grand jurymen, of which four were Jews, unanimously signed the bill of indictment against Leo Frank"... - He also bribed black man to take the fall, likely fucked the corpse, & in other accounts from teen girls working under Leo, he sounds just like Weinstein.

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thanks for the reminder! Fucking kikes need their noses rubbed in this shit. BTW was there any relation with Otto Frank the dipshit who wrote the Anne Frank fiction?

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