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pcAnywhere? pcAnywhere??? pcAnywhere!?!?!? Are you shitting on me!?!? The software that had it's source code leaked in fucking 2012? These people are definitely doing some shady shit.

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Don't worry. They locked them all down "from any use other than that which has been approved". Nothing to see here. Move along.

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https://archive.fo/7koJl :

US senator grills CEO over the myth of the hacker-proof voting machine | Ars Technica

"The article challenged the oft-repeated assurance that voting machines are generally secured against malicious tampering because they're not connected to the Internet."

'Use of remote-access software in e-voting systems was reported last month by The New York Times Magazine in an article headlined "The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine."'

'The EAC VVSG does not allow for voting systems to be tested or approved with any form of remote access software. '

'ES&S officials told the NYT Magazine that none of its employees had any knowledge of company machines being sold with remote-access software. '

'After voting machines the county bought from Election Systems & Software were suspected of "flipping" votes―meaning screens showed a different vote than the one selected by the voter―officials asked a computer scientist to examine the systems. '

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Surprised Hillary Clinton never complained about Diebold or the Democrats for that matter.