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I got kicked from a livestream once, for suggesting that we put together a kickstarter to crowd fund Styx a shirt.

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I can picture the look on his face as he read your comment and performed the necessary mouse clicks to kick you. I do not know you.. ... but I am proud of you.

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Can youtube be compelled to add Styxhexenhammer666.shirt=false; to his videos though?

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Not if the guns aren't even in the store. All they have to do is not buy them in the first place.

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Look, the guy makes points for our team, but do not forget he is a cross-dressing jew.

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Godamn voat stop posting this insufferable retard. Fuck off.

If a video or article has merit, the interpretation of the average reader will suffice. If you have to be coddled along by some retard who cant even be bothered to put on a shirt before he stephen colbert's you to the right opinion, you should just fuck off.

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I'm kind of neutral on him myself, but wow, Stephen Colbert? That's a pretty low blow. I don't think he's that bad. Discussing articles is important, sharing nuances and personal perspectives can make people better. It's not like people listening to him automatically believe everything he says. I'll watch his videos occasionally even though I tend to disagree with some of his take aways. I think it's something that certain people strive for, to communicate, to try and understand other people and the world around them. I understand where you're coming from as well though, if as you put it people relied on Styx to coddle them into belief structures, for sure, that's not a good thing; I just disagree that those who support Styx rely on him for anything, nor do I believe they're being coddled, or even having their belief structure necessarily changed.

One of the reasons people like Styx are popular right now is because it can be hard to find people to talk with about these things. It's why most of us are here on Voat for instance, we were banned elsewhere. That attitude and behavior extends to the real world in the form of conservatism being taboo. A lot of people benefit from their ideas being bounced back and forth, it helps them fine tune their concepts and articulate themselves in a more efficient manner.

A lot of people have absolutely no one to talk face to face with about things that are even remotely right leaning, let alone far right. That's not healthy, and it's why people like Styx thrive on Youtube, and man, even if you disagree with the guy you should respect the nature of how this is all unfolding.