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so have them meet with a jury.

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Priorities are on full display. They HATE Americans and want to protect illegals. All I'll say is that doxing is frowned upon and nobody should dox these cunts.

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Public trial.

Public hanging.

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Treat them as enemy combatants

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Hostile enemy state. Invasion when?

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Edit: I used to know Kamala Harris's little sister, she sucked, not nice, super entitled. Her nickname was Meanie Meena. That is all.

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I'm too lazy to prove it but you just doxxed yourself. You should delete your comment or edit out the last bit.

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Hmm.. good point.

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Harris is a joke. Hopefully California can eject quickly.

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Then send in the National Guard and round them all up and secure the office until legit people can be voted in

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