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Excellent article.

“They don’t want the police officers making arrests on campus, and they don’t want the drugs found on campus and they don’t want the warrants to be served on campus because it looks like there’s bad stats at the school. The problem is when that (PROMISE) program started, we took all discretion away from the law enforcement officers to effect an arrest if we choose to.”

-Jeff Bell

“The results speak for themselves. As our sheriff, I successfully implemented new policies and approaches to public safety that sharply reduced violent crime and burglary rates – the sharpest declines in the entire State of Florida. My innovative initiatives also helped keep children in school and out of jail, greatly expanding the juvenile civil citation program and making issuance of civil citations mandatory for BSO deputies….I will build upon these impressive successes in my next term as Sheriff.”

-Scott Israel


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This is akin to Portland's "lets delete the crime database to remove crime" levels of retardation. It turns out when you ignore crime, it goes away. Liberals don't understand though, that the crime is still there, just not reported. Something they lovvveeee to tout when it comes to rape, but when it's something else, it must be true? Liberalism truly is a mental disease


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lol hey, we stopped reporting crimes... and guess what... crime reporting went down! its amazing... i think we are going to get rid of crime all together and live in our utopia! make crime illegal!