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and I'm still waiting for all those liberals who said they'd leave the country if Trump won to leave.


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Of course their general idea is to vote for policies that force “the rich” to hand over money that they don’t “need” so that the government can give it away to people who are “poor.” The only really poor people in America are the middle/rural Americans who refuse these handouts but fortunately the liberals have the negroes and Mexicans. Further, these voters see themselves as neither rich nor poor so they don’t really feel like they have any skin in the game. Of course they’re just like everyone else; they don’t voluntarily give any of their money to “poor” people, and they’re going to keep as much of their money as they can from their barista and sneaker designer jobs, so really by voting Democrat they are simply being punks and assholes. They want to hurt people who are smarter about money than they are.


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How can I die from global warming if I already died from tax cuts?!

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