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This is why they want high school kids (under 18) to be eligible to vote. So that they can send 60 busses of kids to the polls and give them extra credit for voting as long as they bring a photograph taken with their phone and show the teacher that they voted the correct way. Automatic A+ now isn't that nice?

My comment from last night on a similar thread.

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Have you guys noticed the shift from normal politics too emotional exploitation politics ever since the 2016 elections?

Instead of debating legitimate facts the left has been exploiting people's emotions in order to further their agenda.

They've created false flag attacks against our own citizens in order to generate emotional kick back to force people to vote a certain way.

They have even begun to exploit children in the last couple of years.

Just another example of child emotion exploitation for political gain.

That being said, it makes perfect sense why they want children with easily exploitable emotions who don't have control over their minds yet to be able to vote because they are the easiest ones to manipulate through fear.

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Because the other way failed them

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I'll remember this when it comes time to vote on the school budget. Clearly they have too much money now.

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They already did. It's like second or third in the nation for per student funding

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But but but, teachers have to buy their own supplies reeeeee

My teacher friends are the whiniest faggots about how hard their job is

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A school system infested with niggers and run by liberal morons. No surprises here.

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Baltimore. nigger gun murder runner up tryna virtue signal.

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Baltimore, like the rest of Maryland, already has strict gun laws. This is why Baltimore has a low murder rate and is much more safer than rural communities in states like Missouri, Kansas, and Arizona, where anyone can legally carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

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I realize you're being sarcastic but it is terrifying here. This is why I cannot wait to move out of this terrible city. This weekend!

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Be careful, they always try hardest to get you in the last few days.

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Good move, goat. Stay safe out there.

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This is sarcasm, just in case non-Americans are unfamiliar with those places.

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I didn’t know there were 60 busloads of savages still left in Baltimore. I though they’d been almost wiped out by drive-by shootings.

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niggers are cockroaches....they multiply daily.

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I think niggers are evolving a shorter gestation. No development happening with brain, so they poop them out after 7.5 months

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That's probably only limited by the number of buses they have. There are probably more than that

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They have to keep all the different tribes separated to keep wars from breaking out

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Yeah but unfortunately they reproduce like cockroaches so there is basically an unlimited supply of them.

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Is this even legal? Exploiting children under your care for a clear political goal? With a publicly funded organization? Something has to be off about this.

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They're using our kids as a political tool.

A civil war is coming and we can't forget about those responsible for things like this.

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What a nice guy George shit head is to pay off the administrators to disarm the Americans.

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