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See,the problem I have with all these child porn laws is I don't think it's logistically viable to actually enforce them anymore.

One example of this is "sexting". Especially considering it's popularity with underage people. Are we going to bust all those kids for "making child porn"? For that matter,can any of you honestly prove every naked person on your harddrive is "of age" since many porn sites have sweepers that collect any naked image found and put it up?

And then we have fictional characters like Dot Warner,who looks like a child but according to the opening narration is over 60 years old. Where does she stand? What about Baby Herman? There's an awful lot of "art" out there with naked kids in it we'd have to get rid of,including statues and irreplaceable relics. What is and isn't "fair game" for artistic expression? How far do we go with that?

And if you think that's a philosophical argument,let me make it real for you. Little Lupe. A porn actress who's youthful appearance has had her dragged into a court of law more than once to prove she is,in fact,over 18. Not scary enough? Australia banned women with small breasts from making porn. And then there's the whole Traci Lords fiasco where an underage girl duped the entire porn industry and ruined a lot of lives by lying about her age. This kind of thing creeps up on you and it's just as unfair as no protection for children at all.

Frankly,I don't really think people are looking at this issue logically and with a realistic idea of what we can and can't do. And in all honesty,I'd rather go after people actually abusing kids rather than some guy jerking it to a picture on the internet. Unless he knowingly paid for porn of kids cause that's material support of a crime. Unless it's a drawing. Cause a photo is proof of abuse but a drawing can be pure imagination.


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Does this affect fictional porn? There's no person being sold in a drawing/animation but I guess the prudes of america will find a way to make this work against hentai somehow.


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A lot of porn sites have already purged all pictures of underage characters because of threats of legal action. Most of them implied the US was involved. To my knowledge,drawings of underage sex and nudity aren't illegal on a federal level,but state and city laws can differ. As for this law,I can't say there either because I haven't read it. But I do know laws bent on making something illegal when it's already illegal usually have a bunch of new rules that seem to be made to make more people criminals.

In the end,it all smells like bullshit to me,so they might very well go that way either with this law or trying for a "package deal" with this law and something against drawings. Which is weird cause most of the ruling class are pedophiles,so they should be looking at loosening the child sex laws,shouldn't they?