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Look up on the website the Intercept "How the FBI created a Terrorist"

They find people who are mentally ill and show maybe a slight intent to maybe do something but never would. Then introduce Informants into their lives to exploit their illness and push them in than direction. They'll supply them with weapons, etc. Most cases they'll set up a sand nigger with a fake bomb or something but obviously the let a lot of these stings 'Go live' like Cruz. This is why the police stood down. In fact if anything they were there to shoot and make sure Cruz didn't bail out and insure the attack commences.

This is what they did the the Garland, Texas shooter who was going to shoot up the Muhammad art exhibit. He was immediately gunned down when he arrived on the scene and pulled a weapon, but the feds that encouraged him to do it were in the car behind him following him to the shooting.

Boston Bomber's brother was an FBI contact. Remember that?

That poor sap is one of many. Too many.




Just a few articles. and I want to stress this next point very clearly, sometimes this takes years to complete. The FBI will spend months and months creating a patsy that simply pushes a plastic red button, then the FBI swat rolls in and they hold a grand press conference patting themselves on the back. It is disgusting.


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The FBI is as dirty as ISIS, we'll never forget waco either.

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Exactly. You can find this pattern over and over again.


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Its plain old entrapment. All cops have been doing it for years.


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Basically the fbi and cia have machines that beam voices into people's heads and make them do crazy and evil shit, I've seen the research on hooktube, therefore if I hear the voices I do my best to ignore it or talk back them say g I don't want to do this or that , and a lot of the time if you are brave you can make the voices shut up or stop even if they tell you to do evil shit like stab tour sister


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Basically at this point FBI is just another criminal gang. Well armed, well organized, well funded - but just another gang.


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https://archive.fo/2dzLM :

Family Says Man Charged In FBI Right-Wing Terror Sting Is Mentally Ill, Incapable Of Attack | HuffPost

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Its so obvious its its in Amazon's phillip k dick series http://philip-k-dicks-electric-dreams.wikia.com/wiki/Safe_And_Sound

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