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Absolutely. All infrastructure that is not military related should be done locally. Why do people in South Dakota help pay for freeways in Boston, or beaches in Miami?

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Imagine what Chicago and Detroit would look like in five years.

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The freeway (including Alaska highway through Canada) was started under Dwight Eisenhower to get the military from one part of the country to another efficiently by land.

Even the Roman roads were started by Augustus, so messages from across the empire could get to him quicker.

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But macro infrastructure wasn't that good until the federal system was built

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Roads only work when they connect to other roads. That's what a network is. This idea is retarded.

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And the states won't tax it at double the current rate?

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Decentralization. It was requisite to the US experiment working.

Much like sound money, and no forced redistribution of wealth.

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I listened to the infrastructure speech, and that's exactly what Trump is doing.

I'm pumped.

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Seems inefficient.

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Localism? That's even worse than Nationalism! Shut it down goy!

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