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What fantasy job is that for a lawyer? If he was going to do a real job producing real goods I would say yes, but a lawyer is not interested in facts, they are interested in how they can spin the narrative for a victory.

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Based on his recent attempts at going after Hillary and other swamp creatures I'll give him the benefit and assume an implied "more" at the end. But yes, I'd have more respect for him if he'd have been straight-forward with it there.

Attempting to "keep up appearances" is something a weak person does.

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Me thinks they got something on him

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Nah. I like Gowdy. I think he's gonna pop up doing something awesome. People talk shit about how he talks tough but doesn't do shit. I'm hoping that he feels the same and is gonna go DO SOME SHIT.

That's what I'm gonna keep hoping, anyways..

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Agreed - Gowdy is photogenic. He should be on team Trump imo. And with a position that allows him to do something with the facts like jail that Ho Clinton.

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Hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up first. Gowdy fooled everyone.

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Or they told him to chill out or else.

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I like some of the points he makes but I've deemed him a tool of the jews. Watch his reactions when asked the JQ

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Probably. The jews use that as black mail. This being said, the sicko perv's deserve everything they get.

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I am hoping that he is not running again so he can be appointed Special Council to investigate the DOJ and FBI.

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https://archive.fo/0qK8u :

Gowdy says he's leaving Congress because he likes jobs 'where facts matter' | TheHill

'I like jobs where facts matter, I like jobs where fairness matters. '

'Gowdy was one of several GOP lawmakers who raised concerns over one of the messages that referenced a “secret society,” which Republican lawmakers later conceded was likely a joke. '

'Gowdy was most recently in the national spotlight over the controversy surrounding texts between FBI employees that Republicans said proved anti-Trump bias in the bureau. '

'I like jobs, frankly, where the process matters. ... '

'Retiring GOP Rep. '

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Why do we keep getting news about this guy? What has he actually done?

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You are going to have to go pretty low on the rung to get a job where facts matter. Otherwise welcome to corporate America bitch.

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...future Supreme Court Justice

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So... lobbying?

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