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It's a state seat. How many did Obama lose? Something like a THOUSAND....


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I was worried. Thanks for the perspective.

Still, I can't understand any support for the dems.



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She needs to change her legal name to Margaret Evil.


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May be some election manipulation technique in being tried out in those low-key races in preparation for 2018 and 2020.


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https://archive.fo/PEwC4 :

Democrat Margaret Good Flips Seat in Florida, the 36th Democratic Flip Since Trump’s Inauguration

'Margaret Good won a special election for state representative in Florida’s 72nd district on Tuesday night, the Democratic party’s 36th legislative flip since President Donald Trump’s inauguration last year. '

'Trump won the district by just five points, where Republicans outnumber Democrats by some 13,000 voters. '

'Days before Florida’s special election, local polling indicated that Good had a small three-point lead, but a much larger lead among those who had already said they voted. '

'The closely watched race pitted Good against Libertarian Alison Foxall and Republican James Buchanan, whose father Vern represents the area in Congress. '

'Just last week, a Democrat won a special election in Missouri in a district that Trump won by a 61-33 margin—the party’s second flip this year, following a surprise in Wisconsin in January. '

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