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That's a Dyck move, that's for sure.


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Ya, contacted her boss and several agencies connected with Health Canada who have employees she targeted along with Kerri.

An investigation has been opened She has a long history of this sort of behavior and even tried to sue her union when they did an investigation into her behavior years ago.

Her address and phone number are out as well. she's gone into hiding.

Had a little chat with her husband the other day.

That programmer guy (Bryan DePuy) she retweeted has been tracked down as well. had a chat with him on the phone last night. He sounded really nervous.


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if you're found innocent you don't pay court fees, and can counter sue the plaintiff, the state in this case, to recuperate your lawyer costs.


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You still have to pay your lawyers.

He had to sell the farm as well.


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Those activists are fucking parasites. They're leeching off of the indians. They don't want anything. Tnere's no demands they can make. They just stir up hate and convince the natives that they aren't responsible for their own actions.

If it's the same crazy, she's wigging out about some union business BS here

"The very people I'm paying dues to are using those funds to surveil me, to pursue me.' Miranda Dyck, outspoken CAPE critic"


Here it looks like she was messing up some kid on Twitter over her union campaign:



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https://archive.fo/qjVh4 :

Miranda Dyck (@mldyck) | Twitter

https://archive.fo/oF9Gw :

Miranda Dyck on Twitter: "Another donor with a business to add to the boycott list! Rick Strauss - President at RNS Mechanical, Prince Albert $100 Here's his profile if you want to drop him a line... t.co/SHALlesRkf H/T to one of my many anonymous helpers on this!… t.co/LbhHxes2Ws"

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