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This one is better: https://kek.gg/i/4DQT2j.jpg


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looks a lot like real life areas in brazil, argentina, etc.

That's what the (((elite))) want. Multi-cultural states in which 2% of the population controls 80% of the wealth. The rest get to huddle outside in favelas.


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Multi-cultural states in which 2% of the population controls 80% of the wealth. The rest get to huddle outside in favelas.

Agenda 21.


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These people would rather be lords in a medieval kingdom with death and disease instead of commoners in a technological utopia.


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Nah. That is feeble minded. It is the Rothchild's and their Ilk against all of humanity.

Protip: They've been winning for quite some time by sowing seeds of tribulation in people's who would in their right mind unite and rise up to wipe them off the face of the planet.


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European Union: Liberals vs Patriots

At a recent forum in Brussels organized by El Pais president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker described 'the right-wing extremism growing in Europe's own backyard' as a far more serious challenge than 'an increasingly aggressive Russia or China'. Juncker qualified nationalism as a war and called traditional parties not to accept the right-wing initiatives. Former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González burst even in more bombastic words. He proudly declared that Spain hadn't fallen victim to populist politics 'with the exception of Carles Puigdemont'. At the same time the former prime minister complained of numerous social and political problems facing Spain now. The ways to solve them had all been offered by the nationalists and slanted as unacceptable.

In the meantime, other European leaders are applying vigorous efforts to oppose the so called ultra-right elements. For instance, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in his letter to Germany's SPD head Martin Schulz suggests that his party should rather sacrifice some basic foundations to form a new CDU/CSU alliance. The Prime Minister of Sweden believes such a union is vital in fighting the notoriously known nationalistic forces of Germany (AfD) and Sweden (Swedish Democrats).


Dear Mr. Schulz,

Let me once again congratulate you on the results achieved during the elections. We are glad that social democratic ideas, which the SPD defends under your leadership, have found wide resonance in the hearts of German voters.

We are closely following the recent developments in Germany and Europe in general. And with great regret we are obliged to note that right-wing populists succeed in receiving an increasing number of votes and winning seats in Parliaments everywhere. Surely, you realize it forces European democrats to make a difficult choice that we cannot ignore.

In Germany, as in many other European countries, right-wing forces manifested in the Alternative for Germany promote the country's shift to the far right by hiding behind anti-Islamic, racist, anti-refugee hate slogans, and thus compromising Germany as a tolerant and inclusive state. Unfortunately, the situation in Sweden is similar. The activities of such anti-European nationalist party as the Sweden Democrats also impede further development of our country in line with social democracy.

I firmly believe that the strength of European nations is their unity. Only jointly we can be victorious over nationalism. And Germany as a universally recognized leader in the EU must demonstrate that it stands at the forefront of the fight against ultra-right radicalism and neo-fascism. In our view, signing of the coalition treaty between the SPD, CDU and CSU can significantly contribute to this process.

Being a long-standing social democrat I would urge you, Mr. Schulz, to do all in your power to ensure the early formation of the Federal Government of Germany even if this requires a departure from ideological principles to which we are all firmly committed.

On the present occasion, I would like to express to you my deepest personal regards.

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Löfven

Interestingly, Juncker, González, and Löfven are absolutely precarious in their condemnation of the so called ultra-right forces. None of them has managed to prove so far why the position of 'the radicals' has no right for existence. Judging by their rhetoric, all those directly pointing to any errors of the EU leaders and coming up with effective solutions of the problems, without looking back at that precious tolerance or multiculturalism, should be branded as some harmful elements. Brexit is evil, and every referendum on separation is evil undoubtedly.

Then why do they completely deny their responsibility for the emergence of those centrifugal trends? Meanwhile, it was exactly that multicultural approach and disastrous migrant policy of the liberal politicians standing behind the EU wheel that put true European values and culture on the brink of extinction.

Citizens of the united Europe are well in the know of this and prefer to support people opposing extraneous views being imposed on them against their will. It is no mere chance that after 'the far right' FPÖ victory at the elections in Austria Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán stated, 'Democracy has been restored in Austria because the Austrians who reject immigration elected a government that also does not want immigration'.

In fact, those liberal gentlemen are betrayers of the united Europe. It was their policy that resulted in increasing numbers of those trying to flee the EU. Migrants overcrowding the European space have been forcing their Islamic laws everywhere. There are now umpteen restrictions necessary to abide by to guarantee safe living at your own home. Taboo subjects for mass media discussion, dress code for women, concrete fencing during Xmas festivities actually make the EU citizens feel as if they were some ghetto inhabitants. Paris, Malmö, and Brussels have transformed into centers of Islamic culture with foreign intruders coming to replace almost all the aborigines in the streets. Naturally, Europeans, used to be so hospitable previously and habitually accustomed to mutual respect in relations with other cultural communities, are now experiencing negative emotions towards migrants.

But liberal politicians appear to treat these things as quite an ordinary situation. They look somewhat reluctant to dig into the reasons of dissatisfaction of their compatriots who are worried not only by the uncontrolled flows of migrants rejecting integration into the society embracing them but also by the restriction of liberty planted in the EU countries.

Even more worrisome is the behavior of Brussels' bureaucrats convulsively jumping down the throats of those opposing their failed policy. Feeling their positions are feeble, they are acting like neo-fascists who have usurped power and started persecution of those whom they themselves demonized as 'the far-rights' and 'neo Nazi'. At the same time European officials don't bother to sacrifice principles to secure unification of political forces so as to squeeze patriotically thinking colleagues out of more or less vital management structures.

Now, who are the true neo-fascists in Europe at present? Are they the patriotically thinking citizens seeking to save the dying European culture? Or are they liberal occupants unable to halt the spreading of Islamic ways, the process they initially launched, and pushing the European Union into the Caliphate abyss? Was there any reason for Mr. Juncker with his statement on nationalism to declare war against all the dissident elements?


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Great work. You, sir, get an upvote (but I may have just assumed your gender)


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Sad to say but this is true for both parties. The vast divide between top level politicians and the people is disgusting.


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Exactly the same point can be made about the Republicans. The politicians that rule this country are completely out of touch with the general citizenry.


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Literally the same thing applies to Republicans. Stupid fucks.


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How true but we are deplorable lol

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