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best argument ive heard for globalism is that its the natural progression of mankind - to become "one man" before we are really ready for space.

of course its all bullshit - without competition we never would have gone into space and then hit the moon as fast as we did, technology would have crawled, and escaping from a despotic form of world government would be impossible.

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Natural? Is that why have to be forced into it?

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its a fascinating double logic that I regret being a part of - I actually was active on the streets for leftist parties when I was younger. In fact I even attended a communist meeting wherein they suggest that by supporting the extreme left (the communists) it would make the actual left (the NDP here in canada) look more normal and thus have a better chance to succeed.

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only if you explain what the hell you are referring to first

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I always had the impression that you had to somewhat monopolise or at least have an illegal quality-cooperation for planned obsolescence to work.

Perhaps I should take a second look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoebus_cartel and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartel?

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Globalism and capitalism go hand in hand.

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Bunker fuel is some nasty shit.

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Lets not forget how far vehicle emissions have come in the past 40 years. It's really nice not getting gassed sitting at a red light or in traffic.

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I've heard this stat before - but I don't believe it - there are hundreds of millions of just cars alone - a lot of pollution comes out of those.

There's about 100,000 major commercial ships on the entire planet. I believe these vessels only turn off on the day they are decommissioned - so they do pollute a lot.

I'm not worried about any of it though - the cost per mile for electric power continues to drop every year - that includes trains, ships and even planes as well - and as costs fall below those of fossil fuels, natural market forces will drive transition to non polluting vehicles. No regulation required. In fact, nothing can stop it from happening, and it has already started.

Air pollution isn't the big problem now - it's about to fix itself. Water pollution is the big problem now. Don't tell the globalists or they will try to tax that too.

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Those ships are many times more efficient than vessels built just a decade ago. Man made global warming doesn't exist anyways.

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Actually I was outside earlier and it was hot you stupid son of a bitch

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Ya, well it snowed where I am you fucking faggot.

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Funny how the environmentalists are also always globalists

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This is why bunker C crude needs to be eliminated as a fuel source.

Basically, ships can burn unrefined crude oil when at sea. It's super bad for everyone involved, and could be curtailed by regulations within countries banning the production of bunker C crude.

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But it's cheap and readily available.

I'm sure bunker oil could be further refined to be a bit cleaner tho

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But fundamentally, it is better than turning it into plastics, it gets burnt up and causes pollution once, plastic just stays around forever...

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This is why bunker C crude needs to be eliminated as a fuel source.

I'm in favor of researching and developing next gen nuclear reactors for civilian cargo ships.

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better yet, decentralize manufacturing again.

jobs for everyone, everywhere.

higher prices, but with automation would they really be that much higher? I fucking doubt it.

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While I agree with you, part of me wonders how much that would increase the number of shitskin pirates, as they would LOVE to get their hands on something nice and expensive like that.

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Yeah but gas prices would double so people would complain and then brush it off saying co2 emissions don't cause global warming or global warming is fake fuck it.

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Yeah but gas prices would double


you would pay maybe an extra cent on every 10,000 for goods delivered.

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They knocked down hundreds of acres of apple orchards and now you can buy apples from new Zealand.

The economic numbers like the geni coefficient look good but everyone is dying of suicide and drug overdoses.

It sure would be silly to complain.

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