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Why in the fuck doesn't the right have their own ad giants etc. why does the left control ALL the corrupt giants

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Because the left is financed by very wealthy Jews.

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any promising media company will be bought out by Jews, or else. Meaning, if they see competition that is not Jew controlled they will quash it.

Example: when the Japanese wanted to open a movie studio in hollywood, what happened? Massive PR against the Japanese. Black Rain, starring Jewy Michael Douglas. Etc etc.

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Bullies! Regressives only love bullies when they're on their side.

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Thanks to the news and entertainment media, there are way too many indoctrinated people who actually seriously believe everyone should be equal.

It really creates a problem when you have to explain to some fucking beta male why females can't be in combat, among other things. They call you stupid and ignorant. This may have worked on me when I was 12, but in the real world, it will get people killed. You just want to tell them, "Ok, get some women, equip them with guns and gear for combat, lead them on a mission and see if you trust them to have your back. Everyone is equal, right?"

It's easy to talk shit and tell people to do things, much harder to actually follow through. That's all liberals do, talk, talk, talk. They never can do shit, that's why they're liberal.

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It's they're scared of actual news site!