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Where did you get that he managed the ring? Certainly not the article. I mean, I would be inclined to believe it but...

De Niro, despite a much publicised "arrest" in Paris while filming a movie earlier this year, was questioned only as a witness and occasional client of the network's prostitutes.

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Where did you get the idea that Euro-pee-on Police forces had a shred of credibility on any subject, especially human trafficking.

Really... this is fucking VOAT, and any faggot who gives legitimacy to policing in the EU is a stupid cunt.




Just what side are you on, faggot?

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The side that cites its sources...

Try reading my comment once more. I am inclined to side with OP if OP could kindly direct me to his source; a source that provides factual evidence and not merely conjecture.

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That's a fitting way for DeNiro to go out; humiliated.

I was surprised to learn he was a foul, crude pig that hated working class and poor Americans when he started mouthing off about Trump.

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This article is 20 years and God knows how many movies ago for him (barely a blip on his career if that). And it insinuates nothing of what OP claims in the title.

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I noticed it said he was a customer and not running the thing, but I overlooked the ummm error.

But 1998?!?! Is that why he's such a prick? He has to take money to abuse Trump & his voters because hollywood is afraid he can't carry a movie?

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Put a bullet in him.

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That's too generous. I have a katana we can use instead.

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So, "Taken" was based on all this? They all knew.

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there are no writers in Hollywood

just transcribers that document the horrors Hollywood and the Elites carry out on the Goyim

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The red flag was when Deniro was suddenly so politicized:


These people were desperately trying to protect themselves.

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Judge N'Guyen is one of a new breed of judicial investigators in France who refuse to bow (as their predecessors routinely did) to political pressure. Even so, he only began to make real progress when the centre- right French government fell in June last year and was replaced by a Socialist- led government.

I can't even hardly believe that diversity is turning out to be a strength. This is amazing. I'm almost converted.

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https://archive.is/VO179 :

The sex scandal that wouldn't lie down | The Independent

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