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2018 is the year that we NAME THE JEW

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If you guys want to do this, you need to do things to gain mainstream appeal. One example is to use people who aren't alt right neckbeards as examples. Use Helen Thomas--an actual semite--as an example of what happens to respected professionals who dare speak blasphemy. You need to raise awareness that this isn't about hate, but about loving yourself and protecting your people's right to exist.

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You forget the throngs of race traitors.

See, there's this semite who climbed so high he became Israeli PM. He spoke a tiny bit of truth one day, something about how Hitler didn't wanna kill all jews.

Oy vey he got fucking SHOT DOWN real quick by throngs of corrupt white goys! Gentile slaves to globalist bankers are fucking numerous and they will do everything it takes to genocide traditional white culture. And they always get free passes from the neo-nazis don't they? Merkel and Trudeau will keep getting free passes because these ignorant identity politics rednecks think that some random poor jews in tel aviv are the bigger problem.

If a fucking PM can't do it all these random nobodies won't be able to do shit. He wrote books for decades about how fuckin EU should close their borders ffs. Naw man, all these naive college libtard goys think he's full of hate and prefer that "love not hate" narrative. You can gather thousands of jews like Miller, Shapiro, and hundreds of those jews in EU nationalist parties and the leftards anti-semites will shut them down just like how they stopped Milo from speaking in Berkeley. Heck these brainwashed goys hated that jewess Southern for speaking the truth sometimes. Fkin Antifa is more fascist and anti-semitic than NSDAP ever was to any jew who don't lick their tranny arse!

There will never be mainstream appeal because the majority are already converted into brainless zombies. So yes, what we need is not dialogue, it's cultural revolution. If soldiers aren't allowed to shoot "open border" proponents on sight as enemy combatants there will never be any progress.

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I would say the best approach is to accuse them of war mongering. Nobody likes war mongers and they won't defend them.

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suprisingly sane remark

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I "dropped the Jew taboo" back in 2011 when it became undeniable to me that Jews were behind every-fucking-thing... Had a facebook community page that had hundreds of followers, as soon as I started not only naming the Jew, but providing relevant links that were indisputable... I started; being attacked, losing followers, receiving all manner of threats.....

Oh and the community page was dedicated to corruption, or exposing the corruption of those in power, so it wasn't like naming the Jew was going off topic.

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It's so easy to spot a JIDF kike online. Their capacity for spitefulness and vitriol is way beyond anything you'd see from a goy and their replies usually just read like a scripted overreaction.

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This should be stickied to the front page of Voat.

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Amen. If we are allowed to critically think about ANYTHING then Jews should be top of the list since anyone asking or even mentioning them is considered a Nazi by default.

Question all content, source. Everything is free game, even jews.

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*Especially jews

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Think of it this way: jew banks own everything, jew greed/sociopathy corrupts everything, to keep and expand control all they do is brainwash and debase all the lower levels into the same ways of thinking, exploit your fellows, there is no high society or noble human future to build. The whole structure stands by getting everyone greedy, gluttonous and debaucherous as those at the top. As above so below sums their entire modus operandi.

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synagogue of Satan

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The star of david is an extremely interesting symbol in sacred geometry. Theres some really cool mathematical properties hidden in it based on the golden ratio


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Amo_5:26  But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

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I knew it! The Jews were secretly Captain Planet all along!

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Use my irish nigeria parable with people.. If, hypotheticaly, 100 years ago irish started migrating to nigeria. And 100 years later nigeria had 3 of its 9 supreme court justices being irish, 80 plus perfent of its media owned or ran by irish, majority of its movie/music/entertainment industry ran by irish, much of acedmia leadership being irish, all of the nigerian federal reserve bank for the last 100 years were irish, the majority of the porn industry ran by irish, and the most powerful lobby was irish wouldnt people think that is weird considering the irish were only 2 percent of nigerias population? And the worst part is the irish has convinced the nigerian army to fight britian on its northern border with an army consiting of 99.8 percent nigerian foot soldiers?
Now switch irish with jew and nigeria with america and maybe you can redpill some one..

Side note underestimate the percentages of control and ask the person to look it up themselves.. They will soon realise the control and influence is even greater.

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If that happened it would be called "colonialism" and whatever white group perpetrated it would be immediately hit by a coalition force of whatever nations are run by socialists at the time.

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Shit good point. Well its not like the irish in my scenerio invaded and used force they did it the jewish way using deception and hiring from irish only while getting more degrees and educstion to get the better jobs.. But your point is taken.. Its nice to play this game though. You ask someone to listen to your ireland nigeria parable then u tell them thats exactly what jews have done in america.. They wont believe you then tell them to do their own research.. They are usualy amazed by the fsct that every federal reserve chairman has been a jew..

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"B-b-b-buh-but it's just because the Jews are SO MUCH SMARTER than us goyim! Didn't you know that the Israeli mean IQ scores, which they will not allow a tertiary party corroborate, is a standard deviation higher than every other race's? It's no wonder! Einstein was a Jew!"

The lie was fleshed out so much that it really makes things difficult.

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I read the details of how the Romanovs died the other day, it was one of the most sickening thing I've ever heard of. The perpetrators are still celebtrated by communists to this day.

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Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.

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Ayn Rand already provided the fix for all this. Shame you kids ignore her. I wonder why? The IRONY is T H I C C.

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I've only listened to Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead which I enjoyed but what are you referring to specifically?

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Because she was a horrible writer.

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