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What Jewish heroes?

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The imaginary ones, like Anne Frank.

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The imaginary Jewish-lesbian and heroine, Anne Frank.

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His name is anneLIES Frank. Lie is in the name, Frank is making fun of the fact it's really a Jew boy. https://youtu.be/qNaY6jkP_-0

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The Rothschilds. A hero to the jews is a person with tons of money and enough influence to destroy western civilization

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Oyyyyyy veeeeeeey

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A few blacks were in Europe at the time.

By BBC standards that means every third character should be black.

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I always thought a movie on the founding of Israel staring Oprah as Golda Meir would be swell! I'm sure they'd good sports for it!

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No way man. Cast that Madea creature in that part!

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Is this actually a female? Looks like a tranny or cross dresser.

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Aren't all nigger females?

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She died of typhoid and her dad hired a fiction writer to cash in on some of that delicious victim shekels.

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Typhus, actually.

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I didn't know they tapped Michael Obama to do this movie. I thought he was still married to Barry and they were off exploring glory holes together.

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there is no reason this couldn't work, you just have to aim it at the actual jiggaboos, they are not loyal to the jew, just hoodwinked.

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