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It is important for Americans to realize that Israel not only spies on the U.S., digs its paws deep into our Treasury, and perverts Washington’s Middle East policy, it is also attempting to dictate what we the people can and cannot say. And Congress and much of the media are fully on board. This is absolutely insufferable and must be stopped. Groups like Shurat HaDin flying into New York to exploit friendly Manhattan judges and juries to advance Israel’s toxic agendas should be told to go home upon arrival.

Israel’s complete hypocrisy was highly visible in yet another news story last week. The Polish government has passed controversial legislation, subject to judicial review, to criminalize any claims that Poles were responsible for the Second World War prison camps that the Germans set up in their country. This has been strongly and vociferously opposed by Netanyahu speaking for the Israeli government, which is apparently concerned that its claim on perpetual and universal victimhood is being challenged. Washington is also, to no one’s surprise, lining up with Israel, threatening that the new law might damage bilateral relations with Warsaw.

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Israel's treatment of Africans is unacceptable and racist. Israel must learn to become multiracial.

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Seriously, they are underestimating just how valuable an opportunity it is to have such vibrant, remarkable peoples added to their society.

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Blasting a massive hole in the Israeli wall is the right thing to do.

Let 'em enjoy the middle eastern vibrancy that they flooded Europe with!

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With a Law like this, I would definitely want a list of Israeli companies...so I can be sure not to "accidentally" boycott one. Just want to be sure I remain in step with the law while supporting our greatest ally. I swear, the more they squeeze the faster the sand falls through their fingers.

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It is a patriots duty to disobey unjust laws.

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.... but not when muslims are the ones asking you to do it.

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It is the right thing to do. But one thing I see in this place is too many people confusing Judaism with Zionism. Jews who properly follows his religion recognize that they are in exile as per their texts and not even allowed to have Israel as a country.

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It'll be hard to boycott Israel, but not impossible.

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