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McCarthy was right!

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McCarthy was right.

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Communism and socialism were invented by kikes from Russia they started the Russian revolution.

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Baby Boomers believe the lie that you can get a $1.50 of government for $1.

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Ya when reality is more like pay the government 1.5 and they can give you .25 worth of shit you locals are capable of doing

Fuck the Boomers. Ayn Rand told them exaclty what would happen. I'm guessing identity politics prevented people from listening to a russian jew back then also

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They count that $0.75 of bureaucratic red tape and maze as part of that quarter that we asked for.

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what is appalling is that they buy into the lie that the reason for all this "migration" scheme is so they can continue getting their welfare benefits. They sell out their children and grandchildren for their own benefit. Don't try telling me about the nature of man. I already know it. Selfishness combined with stupidity is all that the wicked need to fuck them out of everything.

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There was a heavily upvoted redditor the other day saying that the only reason people oppose socialised healthcare is because they don't realise the savings they'll get when we all buy in bulk.

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They didn't start the fire / But they threw some gas on / And they fanned it higher

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oh....how right you are.

Baby Boomers were the first generation to cut their own throats to virtue signal how good they were. Let me slice my own neck open and allow niggers to drink my blood because they have starving babies.

I remember saying to my (1960's Mom) mother.... "fuck them niggers....let them starve." when it came to eating all of your peas. ...maybe she should have put them in a blender....you know.... whirld peas.

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Dr. Spock did that to boomers. He told their moms to obey their emotions and tune out the father's influence. He said to make the family serve the child instead of putting the family first.

He was also a primary cause of SIDS because he said babies should sleep face down.

Authoritays are still taking over people's heads today.

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Gibson were designed to systematically destroy families. Welfare is not inherently bad (see Europe before migrant invasion) but the way out is structured in the US is malicious.

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They still need their assets seized.

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This COMMUNIST ideology needs to DIE.

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We both know, it not an ideology. It's a white genocide tool to remove wealth from white nations and give it to jews

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it is a tool. a very effective tool.

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News flash for ya, FDR dies years before the boomers started raising their kids. Their failures cant be blamed on a dead man.

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FDR allied us with the Soviet Union, which allowed them to survive the war. Consequently, the KGB spent the next few decades influencing our government and academia to advocate for various Marxist policies and ideaologies. You don't think this SJW scourge appeared out of nowhere, did you?


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thanks @sbt2160p That was very, very interesting.

please watch this. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=MgZcF96om0Q

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Murdoch Murdoch is always a good time

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I've been around long enough to realize every generation is only half full of idiots.

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This hurt my heart.

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