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You forgot Jews.... sure you say Cabal, but you we don't take care of the Jew issue, the Cabal will come back twice as strong....

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And the Bush's! Get GHWB first in case he dies before seeing justice for his many decades of evil crimes against humanity.

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....that fucker is a living snake. A million points of light, indeed. How many millions did that scumbag and his father Prescot kill?

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I'd settle for long prison terms for all of them.

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Seriously, If you hold something as dangerous as govenment power and abuse it like they did, there should be dire consequences.

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I won't be satisfied with that fake ass clown op where they gave Bin Laden a "sea burial"... I want to watch their feet dance in public... It needs to be televised in a public square, with plenty of witnesses.

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Here's your next president.... {link to Joe Biden}

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I WANT A NEW HITLER!!! I want a REAL Hitler to RISE UP AND DEAL WITH THIS NIGHTMARE! ...A Real Hitler that will actually put them into gas chambers and ovens. A FINAL SOLUTION.

Man, this place is kinda different from Reddit at points. For example the "Preview" button is really nice.

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Yeah... You're right..... Reddit banned me for saying something sort of like this.

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It's much bigger than just the Clintons. They are comparatively low-hanging fruit even though they seem way up there compared to the average Joe. It's a global cabal so stopping the Clin-Tons won't provide a total solution.

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What's stopping you you keyboard badass? Put up or shut up. You make a lot of noise but you're always expecting someone else to do it for you. If you want it to happen so badly, make it happen. Don't wanna expose yourself like that though huh? Faggot.

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