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Ahh well why would it be weird for Mccain to take a photo with a Jewish Mossad agent?

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I like.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=8WhaY7suBVM Decent video on the topic.

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Thanks, I'll give this a watch as soon as work is finished or when im on the shitter. :P

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Sorry to break the echo chamber but that photo was taken when McCain went and visited FSA.

Btw that picture was literally in CNN live afaik.

I'm not denying the possibility of Baghdadi being an Israeli agent but this picture is not even close to a proof.

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Yes I know, before posting my comment I took a few minutes to look into it but still decided to post the comment anyway.

On a side note, I did find this on the FSA.

In March, FSA and Jordanian sources and video evidence suggested that the FSA received a Saudi shipment of anti-tank missiles through Jordan, and sold these to al-Nusra fighters for $15,000 each. Abu Yusaf, a high-level commander of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), said in August 2014 that many of the FSA members who had been trained by United States’ and Turkish and Arab military officers were now actually joining ISIL. "In the East of Syria, there is no Free Syrian Army any longer. All Free Syrian Army people [there] have joined the Islamic State" he said.

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This was probably the fastest memory hole I've ever witnessed take place. First the MSM went full throttle saying it was a unprecedented act of bipartisan cooperation that Obama and McCain were working together to arm a bunch of "rebels." Then those "rebels" turned out to be ISIS and suddenly all mention that they gave 300m worth of arms to them, signed by Obama and hand-delivered by McCain, was wiped clean off the internet and no normie believed it ever happened. More strange in that the MSM was hyping it as a great thing for like 2-3 months straight, not a fucking thing else on the news. The ability to memoryhole normies regardless of political affiliation so well is scary.

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What are you referring to? I've heard about supplies of arms to groups who fought alongside Al-Nusra, but not ISIS.

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Immediately after Obama was elected the first time him and McCain pushed for a 300m deal to arm rebels to fight the Taliban. It was rushed through congress under their mutual guidance and touted as "an unprecedented act of bipartisan cooperation" for 2-3 months (exact phrase used, every fucking hour on every MSM channel for that time.) McCain brokered the deal in person during that time. It's also where Obama's peace prize stemmed from (pushing that idea,) but since the cause was memoryholed everyone just assumes he did nothing to deserve it instead of fucking up immensely or not in a treasonous manner and being awarded it under false pretenses.

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Weird. Years go by and I realize how well Orwell got it right. Most science fiction is stupid because it's sensationalist and has negligible predictive powers.

But Orwell is right, the powers that be neglect to document anything that proves inconvenient, or they suppress it's publication, or they spin and make opposite claims.

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It's why we all should save everything to offline devices. Archive sites are nothing but websites that can disappear at a moments notice. If enough people have it saved offline so it can't be wiped then it's much more difficult to make it disappear.

If anyone asks, "what should I save?" it's anything you're interested in. You're interested in Gold/Silver markets save that stuff. You're into the Trump/Hillary propaganda great. You like baseball articles then save that stuff. It doesn't matter who thinks it's important today because everything needs to be recorded and kept.

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Al-Baghdadi aka Elliot Shimon

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Well shit, that's who Michael Jackson must have been singing about!

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He has experience with giving information to enemies of his country. Best qualified for the job!

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No fucking shit I never thought of it like that. Good point

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For the life of me, I cannot fathom why a US Senator of Arizona, would be involved with Foreign Policy. We have a whole fucking Agency for that. It is called The Department of State.

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Thanks for sharing that.

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He's a treasonous songbird, that's what he is.

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Because he's getting a cut.

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No, nobody cared. Business as usual, do whatever the fuck you want government.

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you know it

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McCain image has been used to signal the happenings for "in-the-know".

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