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I looked into moving out of the US. I needed a degree in a skill they needed, a plan as to what I was going to do, and money to support myself for a certain amount of time. Fucking crazy that we don't require the same.


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We do... just not for mexicans and "favorite" groups. when my parents came in to the US in the 90s they required: proof of degree, proof of need for the US, a sponsor to the US (Back then, you needed someone to PAY for you to stay), a job, proof of income, offer letter for company, proof of company location. Overall, you needed to be REALLY special to move in, especially as a white family, and that shit was not cheap...


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Several years ago I looked into moving to Australia and Canada for something different. Sure enough, you need to have work lined up. I got approved but said fuck it. These days I'm glad I didn't move.


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why didn’t you just tell them you were a ‘syrian refugee’ - even better an unaccompanied minor while you were at it... free gibs and permanent amnesty for any crime you might commit...


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Ha, I wish. This was before this refugee fiasco.

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Wow, ireland is actually in my top 3. Apparently I have distant relatives there that came to the states to visit a few years back. Sadly, I don't have a college degree, and the skills I possess are of the non-essential type.