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Melania is the type of immigrant we should always welcome. She is intelligent, gracious, takes care of her health and is a concerned parent. If it's true that there was an issue with her visa at some point, do you know what she also was? Smart enough to keep her head down and fix it as quickly as possible. Melania never had a DUI. She never raped anyone, or shot anyone in a crowded public place, and as far as we know she's never even used, let alone sold, illegal drugs.

If the Guatemalans, Haitians and Mexicans pouring into our country were like Melania, we would all be counting our blessings. But that's not what we're getting. We're getting the dregs of Mexico, Central America and the islands. We're getting the child molesters and drug pushers, the type II diabetics who won't even try to stop eating, the chronic alcoholics who don't even call 911 when they hit and kill someone. And they also resent us, and refuse to learn the language. So no, we don't need them. And yes, they need to get out.