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Another victim, along with the 12 year old - 13 year old Katie JohnsonJPG, woman who is now in her mid-30s, says that she was forced to have sex with Donald Trump and with a number of other men who were friends of Jeffrey Epstein.

Katie says that she was 'fully warned on more than one occasion by both' Trump and Epstein 'that were she ever to reveal any of the details of the sexual and physical abuse that she had suffered as a sex slave' that she 'and her family would be in mortal danger.'

"Trump slapped Johnson in the face with his open hand and angrily stated that he would do whatever he wanted and that he was in charge," Katie Johnson's lawsuit states.

Oh there will be more than an earthquake...

Mark my words.


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Trump's vocabulary isn't even that big, dude. I really doubt he has said that, or even done something like that.


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Low effort post. But I'm guessing you see it as a win, since you value our time far higher than yours. Your self-assessment is probably correct.


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The memo is coming out.