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The thing I can't stand about women like this is they complain about not finding Mr Right. For perspective the male equivalent is unintentional celibacy. Yet women can still fuck just about anyone and it's super rare for a horny woman to go out at night and not find a guy to go home with... UNLESS... she's being very picky. For guys its hard to be considered picky when there is nothing to choose from at all. The woman in this story fucked around all her life, riding the dick carrossel with the same kind of guys over and over again. Ignoring the 80% of average men she felt were beneath her and now that she's almost 50 she REALLY can't find a man.

The thought of her losing her mind in her apartment after he last egg failed makes my miserable existence almost worth it. In some ways I think men like me are better off, we've never known happiness or sexual/romantic validation so for us things can really only get better... not that they will, but when you're at rock bottom all your life you have a consistency you can settle in to and know it won't get much worse. However this woman and many like her, they don't know adversity, sure they sort of worked hard, but in many ways things just got handed to them because they had a vagina.... And now at 40-50 they finally get to learn what rock bottom feels like.



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I hope you're working out, getting in shape,... "cleaning your room" as Jordan Peterson would say. Because I don't think you are doomed to a miserable existence, judging by the abilities demonstrated in that post alone.


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I am working on that but its hard. Its hard because I no longer have the motivation for life that I did when I was raised and when I was younger. That of being a good person and to then find someone of equal morals and world view with whom I could build a life with. The idea of attaining money always seemed rather trivial in nature because I feel it as a matter of perspective. For instance making six figures being less important depending on the life my partner and I would choose. That if it became more important we could help each other as a team to achieve that later on or that we could pull back and focus on family. The idea was that if I set myself up as the next Bill Gates workaholic it would be hard to come back down to family oriented life. I think turning 30 with 5 one night stands and one month long relationship under my belt from age 17-28 to me symbolized the death of this dream. The realization that this will not happen, period. There is no true love out there, the amount of traditional women is so small and it's too easy for them to adjust than it is for men like them(me) so therefore its even less likely you'll come across them.

In some ways this is actually good, my only regret is that if it were possible I would have preferred to have had more intimacy in my 20's when I had the stamina for it. If the end result would have been the same that I would not have found anyone worthy of an LTR. I would be where I am now, but with less bitterness in my soul. The amount of misery that women in their 20's put on men in their 20's by being so irrational with how they spread sex and intimacy around to me seems so irrational and needless. Yet now I find myself somewhere I never would have imagined in a million years when I was younger. I now have NOTHING but financial incentive, yet to clarify, this is not to attract women. My financial incentive is so that i can live a life that is comfortable for me and that suits my needs. If I date, it will NOT be with 90% of women. The one thing I know is that I WILL NEVER SETTLE for a woman who is the type of woman that ignored me when I was in my 20's. I will never get married without a pre-nup but most importantly I feel SO MUCH less willing to settle for anything less. But most importantly its the specific kind of woman or archetype.

My motivators in life are now REVENGE and MONEY. It's not the existence I thought I would have, its not even ideal based on my morals. Fuck it, it's still a life and I'm just doing the best with the cards I was handed. It does help you find humor in women who complain about not finding a man.


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So, ignore their complaints. They don't matter. You have nothing they want and they have nothing you want.


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"She remembers screaming like “a wild animal,” throwing books, papers, her laptop — and collapsing to the ground." The reason she never found Mr. Right was they all saw her coming and ran for the hills. The gods were merciful to the children she never abused.