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this may have already been posted. must be from early 2017. someone just posted on spez's site/cbts sub. 21 pages, but 1st 3 all i've read so far. can't print pr copy w/o a facebook or google acct.

per attached: -2/3 Americans get news from social media, less than 1/2 watch local news, 1/3 watch cable news, 1 in 4 listen to radio, 1 in 5 read newspapers

-Polling response rates are below 15%

-Media Matters secured access to raw data from facebook, twitter & other soc media sites, and has put into place means to mine white nationalist msg boards and alt-right communities for unfiltered data

-MM will track & analyze flow of info from most destructive forces driving 'disinformation, fake-news, and harassment'

-MM has 'unique insight' into outlets dependent on FB & Google to spread their msg including FB & Google agreeing to assist

-to combat alt-right (as if everyone who voted for or supports Trump falls into this category) MM has established an Omnichannel Communications Center

-claims progressives are less likely to question delivered newsfeeds as conservatives are

-MM will train hundreds of thousands of individuals on how to id fake-news with a 2017 budget of $13.4M and a paid staff of 81

-MM has 5 specific areas to target progressive interests: gun control & safety, LBGQ equality, reproductive health & gender equality, climate change & lastly economic issues (nothing about minorities, interesting)

-Objective is to defeat Trump either thru impeachment or at 2020 ballot & MM will include getting video video testimony of those intimidated or silenced by T & 'his ilk' in bag of tools in meeting this objective

-MM's sister organiz, American Bridge, & a related SuperPac had a 2017 budget of $14.7M and a staff of 146

-MM plan to create a progressive version of Judicial Watch

-MM' sister organiz CREW will continue to monitor IRS & FEC filings of organizations & campaigns and will enlist an army of pro bono atty's in addition to a 2017 staff of 38 & budget of $5.8M

-MM considers Shareblue the 'antidote to Brietbart' - Shareblue is a FB organ first & foremost with a 2017 budget of $2M for a staff of 18 including 6 content providers

ok- that's my synopsis (beyond general shit we already knew) - since i couldn't copy or download, did my best to summarize here. we probably knew all of this before, and again, some of you may have already read this, but it helped me to actually read the source. maybe it proved useful to others here.