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wouldn’t help? do you really think said cops would be so eager to intervene because some faggot’s feelings were hurt if they knew there was a pretty good chance they’d end up in a body bag?
Now of course, whoever does the shooting is pretty much fucked, but you’d do that for the next guys... I mean, think about it: why do you think said cops are so happy to go after harmless wrongthink crimes rather than cleaning up no-go zones?


[–] ExpertShitposter 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Thats the thing. The first guy that starts shooting always end up fucked. So everybody waits for some one else to start shooting firsts. And like that......nobody ever shoots.


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No idea why you get voated down on this, you're only stating the obvious sad state of affairs

"Oh look a right wing homophobic terrorist shot a cop with his pumpshot, we need strict pumpshot laws, if you see something at the right of lenin, say gulag"*


"It simply has to collapse in on it self before it can be repaired. That my friend, is the black pill."

"Unfortunately" yes, ultimately that's what happens, and it will probably be the only way out, considering how things are organized


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there is and will be NO shortage of thugs, perverts and assholes they can buy to do their bidding. back in the 1980's in a metropolitan area... I was in LE. They couldn't hire enough fags and dykes, they specifically looked for them, promoted them. This is over thirty years later... Do you really think that the LE community is not infested with pervs and useless women? OH MAN! It is! I've got some other bad news, sorry, the judiciary is just as bad, if not worse. Think you'll get a fair hearing in a perv court. Guess again.