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In Venezuela, money has stopped working - The Washington Post

'It’s better to hold almost any asset than money, because assets hold their value and money doesn’t. '

'Under hyperinflation, money no longer works. '

'Not so long ago, in 2015 and 2016, you probably remember reading about the long lines outside virtually every supermarket for basic goods. '

'In theory, according to the “official” exchange rate, which long ago lost even a hint of connection with reality, each of those bills is worth $2. '

'Given the speed with which money is shedding its value, holding on to it means you’re losing out. '

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Perhaps, but only as a term of endearment.


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Well the glass on those empty display cases is clean.......


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"... no one in power much cares."

Yeah, blame that half of the equation, and don't mention the free-shit seeking Socialist brown masses who put them in power.