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To understand the 'Jewish' problem, one has to also understand Kabbalah, Zionism, Wahhabism and crypto-Judaism (which is usually a front for occultist/Kabbalists). The Bolsheviks, the 'Young Turks' (not the TV show, although it appies to them as well), the House of Saud, all either Jewish, cryptos, or Kabbalists (hence why the Saudi royal family has such an appetite for child trafficking/sex abuse).

Zionism meanwhile is basically the Rothschild ideology, and Israel the State of Rothschild, a white collar crime safe haven (as evidenced by Meyer Lansky being kicked out even when they didn't have to extradite him, he was simply bringing too much heat to the safe haven scheme).

Kalergi Plan, and Oded Yinon Plan have been in full flow the last few years. But... The goyim know.


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For The Shekels

No ideology, no ideal, is more powerful and more universally shared than this one

Clinton and the likes, didn't get on board of the globalokike bandwagon in the name of grand principles and ideals


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Well shucks, I thought they had Lanskey's head in a pickle jar hooked up to a computer in an Israeli cave, and it was running the whole show. So it really was the Rottenones all along. Fuck zionizm, Fuck Rothschild, Fuck Israel and Fuck the (((banksters))).