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I watched porn when 14 yo, and it didn't work. I only felt disgust. I have no idea how much demented someone must be to get excited by this shit depicting degenerated perverts.


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But im betting you liked mamas high heels amd tampons in your ass.

Lets just keep pretending christian/catholic pastors dont abuse little children as par for the course and pretend porno is the sole source of degeneracy on the planet.


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The corrosive effect of pornography on Western society has been enormous. Most destructive is the role it has played in reducing the birthrate among whites. It destroys marriage, destroys families, facilitates the spread of diseases, promotes abortion and contraception, and causes men to have less interest in the normal sex acts done in the normal settings that give rise to legitimate children born with a mother and a father at home. A study should be done on how many white men have been made effectively impotent by exposure to pornography. And it has been demonstrated very clearly that the pornography profession is a Jewish profession.


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Couldn't agree more.


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I won't defend the women in it. They'd be hookers if a legal industry for it didn't exist. But everything about it is depraved and twisted.


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Hey man if they wanna get paid to get covered in jizz so be it.

It worked for thw weinstein company and disney.

Porn industry is just more HONEST.