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It makes it easy for the nurse to know which ones to drop out the back window into the wood chipper.

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I hope you'll be a participant in the day of the rope.

You'll get a gold fucking medal, I'm sure.

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Good thing I'm in the US, if I was under the British Caliphate they'd snatch me up pronto with that remark.

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This makes me frown :(

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See the bright side of things

This is an exponential growth nobody can stop/has control over, starting with muslims, which will evidently produce more of the same, sand niggers aren't going to magically turn into crazed hippies

Then you have the third law of motion coming into play "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

It's not without reason that the so called far right is on the rise

In every interaction, forces always occur in pairs

And this too isn't something anyone will be able to stop

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weird same thing happened to Coptic (black) Egypt, Zoroastrianist Iran, Christian Contantinople (Turkey), even Medina for fuck sakes

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This just makes it easier to know who to kill when you take back your country.

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Save me, Geert!

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He had his chance, even voted for him in the last election, and my hope is now on Terry Baudet (Forum for Democracy).

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Baudet seems to be more than just a anti Muslim politician. Interesting views on more topics and able to attract more people to the cause since he's not a one trick pony

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I work in healthcare and its so annoying having them all named the same.

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Actually it can save time, just print a bunc of forms with muhhamed already on them.

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Fuck off shareblue, you tried this same shit on /pol/ today and got handed your hat.

Fake study, fake news, you are a kike shill and should kill yourself.

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Sergio Leone film 'Once upon a time in America' they swap all the babies over in the maternity ward but only they know whose baby is whose when the chief of police has a son. I know it's impossible to attempt but it would be funny giving a hindu baby to a Muslim couple.

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