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Except they don't need refugee status. They need to fix their country for all of them, not let a few run away and leave to rest to make their mud cookies.

We need to stop trying to turn everyone into consumers.

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They bring them in to exterminate whites, kalegri plan, agenda 21.

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Does logic even fucking matter anymore....? No...it doesn't, the only thing that matters is White Genocide and the death of White Culture, every single one of their thoughts revolves around this...

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Luckily Trump rescinded their protected status.

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It's residents don't "need" anything but to stop being cunts and fix their own problems. Idc if it takes them a thousand years. That's their problem.

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You shouldn't get refugee status due to an earthquake. You also shouldn't travel half way around the world to become a refugee either. And that sure as fuck shouldn't lead to citizenship.