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Makes you glad that Trump is working on those libel laws.

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Stormy daniels isn't even hot. At least melania is semi good looking if you ignore the "vodka face"

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Haha, I know exactly what you mean. It's not just the women though. I can pick a Russian/Eastern European male out of a line up every time - and not just because of the tracksuit either.

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What's a vodka face?

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That stereotypical look many eastern European women have. Idk how else to describe it.

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But CNN says so...

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Does anyone except Trump haters really care. Trump could have any woman that he wants. Melania is nice but if he got it on with Stormey Daniels and a couple hundred others then good for him. Hopefully a good time was shared by all.

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This will be great content for the fake news rewards show. I'm so looking forward to that. They should emergency broadcast it on all channels.