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Ironically, half those books are about what shitholes those countries are.

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And coincidentally, over half of the authors grew up in the UK or US. And 75% don't live in their home country anymore. Either because it's a dirty shithole, or it's a dangerous shithole.

And then there's the one guy from Jamaica who, let's be honest, only stays there because of the legal weed.

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Somehow the brainwashed idiots are taking the message as "You're shit for coming from a shithole" because all they're saying is "My family is from so and so shithole and we're nurses!"

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we need to legalize our weed and take public education out of the hands of the jew. States should decide what to teach.

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You don't actually expect the people that complain about the shithole statment to actually read and make a decission/conversation based on the new knowledge, do you?

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Lolno, wherever did I imply that?

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ALL of them

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Nah, I'm sure there's some leftist noble savage drivel in there, and probably some we wuz kangz too.

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I see two Mandela books..

I knew South Africa before Mandela and I know it now.

Blacks fought against Apartied to implement their own brand of Apartied.

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Mandela was a terrorist, plain and simple. They make him out to be a saint. He is a nigger.

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And a communist.

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He is a hero to the jewish communist who funded and supported his efforts to let the blacks have a dominating influence in south africa. Now its reversed a lot of the progress and growth it acheived during apartheid.

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Just goes to show, the victor always comes out looking clean.

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Tribalism is rampant there. But why bother talking about facts? Let them virtue-signal about their bravery.

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Its double virtue signaling she not only felt the need to set that up in the bookstore but fucking posted it on twitter. What a lame shitlib cunt.

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Blacks fought against Apartied to implement their own brand of Apartied. terrorized the people who built and ran their country so that they could become slaves to jews

fixed that for you

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don't they have any writers who are IN shithole countries?

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Authors from not shithole countries: The entire rest of the store.

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A perfect example of needle in a hay stack.

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Probably all ghostwritten.

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I was going to say: "Now see the entire collection of white literature over the course of the past 500 years and please compare"

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"[–] Grifter42 0 points (+1|-1) 23 hours ago So, how much did it cost to buy Putt? permalink parent "

"[–] ExpertShitposter 0 points (+0|-0) 15 hours ago (edited 15 hours ago) Not much. We are like an octopus, we have other means of applying pressure to select individuals. Especially isolated ones like putt with no political power IRL. permalink parent"

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You do know that all of those writers had to leave the shitholes they were from in order to become published writers, right? Furthermore, a great deal of them had co-writers from their new homelands assist them, and some of them, like Malala, got to write about their shithole homeland's assholes trying to kill them.

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And they're probably all about how shitty their lives were until they left.

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I love how they admit it.

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It's the new linguistic earworm. Even the most welcoming hard core progressives will associate the country names with SHITHOLE.

Resident: "Hi, new neighbor. Where are you from?"

New Neighbor: "Port-au-Prince, Haiti!"

Resident thinks to herself, '..the shithole.. Ooops! I mean..' "Welcome, neighbor!'

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And how many philosophers? 🤔 it's almost like they have no writings worth discussing and no society worth emulating so they flee in droves. No goddamnit it's just my inherent racism flaring up again. Got that itis

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